CP3 Base Unit (Refurbished)


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The Thermax CP3 Hot Water Extraction System offers features no other cleaning system can...

*Thermostatically controlled heating system for thorough and hygienic cleaning (Heats to 135 degrees)

*3 Gallon hygienic stainless steel solution and recovery tanks.

*60 psi high-efficiency commercial solution pump.

*Powerful 2-stage vacuum motor for rapid water recovery and fast drying time (100" water lift). Dry in less than an hour.

*Commercially built, professional quality equipment for the best results possible.

*Professionally formulated Solutions for the brightest, freshest carpets and upholstery.

*Optional Motorized Oscillating Power Brush for added scrubbing action (2,000 strokes per minute).

*Professionally clean hard surfaces with new optional Squeegee accessory.

*90 day warranty.

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  • Thermax Part #: R-73-015-137